We hope you’re ready for more hot dry days, ’cause the Weather Bureau’s Summer Outlook, released this morning, shows it’ll continue for most of Eastern Australia.

In fact, the forecast is for hotter-than-average temperatures in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.]

The coastal areas of Western Australia from the Midwest to the Kimberley however, are showing increased odds of a lot more rain than usual.

Doctor Andrew Watkins, who is responsible for long range forecasts, claims it’s because of a positive IOD – the abbreviation for Indian Ocean Dipole.

“It means we have cooler than average water pooling off Indonesia, and this means we see less rain-bearing weather systems, and warmer than average temperatures for large parts of the country,” he explains.

Australia will also see a delayed onset for the northern monsoon. Doctor Watkins says “the odds for closer to average rainfall increases from January and into February.”

He claims: “Even with a drier than average outlook, localised flooding remains a risk under particular metrological conditions such as thunderstorms, and of course communities in the north need to be prepared at this time of year for tropical cyclones.”

So all up? A wet (in some areas) hot (in most areas) summer.


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Written by Ange Anderson