Do you find yourself scrolling through Netflix aimlessly? 

Do you feel lost, with nothing to watch? 

Do you repeatedly play through Gilmore Girls because it’s the only show that gives you joy?

Do you want something more?

Well, you’re not alone. And, better yet, we have the answer to all your streaming service prayers: Season 8 of Suits is headed to Netflix

Instead of wasting precious hours scrolling through like a lost little kid, you can hit play with confidence knowing you’re going to watch some of the best TV there is. 

Nothing to get the blood pumping and excitement going like some Mike Ross and Harvey Specter banter. 

Suits is just one of a bunch of new titles hitting Netflix in January. It’s going to be a very good New Year, indeed. 


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Images: Suits / USA Network. 

Written by Krisinda Merhi