Rabbit and Julie Goodwin are passionate about children and the future of the next generation!

So that’s why they’ve partnered with Bendigo Bank to help Central Coast kids achieve their dreams! For the next few months, Rabbit and Julie Goodwin along with Bendigo Bank will be giving away $1000 bank accounts to help make kids dreams come true!

To go in the draw to win one of these accounts, all you need to do is fill in your details below and tell us what dream a $1000 Bendigo bank account could help you achieve. Kids are welcome to fill out the form themselves, or parents can do it for them!

Dreams could include things like saving to attend a special sporting event in a different state/country, aspiring to attend a course or class, or saving to buy a new piece of equipment for their favourite activity!

And this isn’t just open to those with sporting, performing or educational goals! We want to hear from any kids with a dream – no matter what it is!

Good luck and keep dreaming!

It's all thanks to Bendigo Bank... the better big bank. 


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